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Good day my friends,

My name is John. I’m a 47 year-old man who is fond of Technology Hacking as a Computer Scientist. I’m verified white hat hacker on underground market for Western Union Transfer Online, Dumps with pin cards. My philosophy is action speaks more than words. Hence, when it comes to business, let go straight into the point and make it works without wasting time of each other.

NOTE: I only use  email [email protected] to communicate. Other emails or method of communication like ICQ, Whatsapp are NOT me!

For Customers from, thank you for choosing me!

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If you need money transfer (Recommended for Beginner) – Click Here

If you need ATM Cards withdraw – Click Here

If you need Dumps Data – CC Fullz – Click Here

Click above link for ordering Western Union hacker or Money Gram Transfer or Dumps with pin Data. Below are some other information about my services that you MUST know before order. I will not reply any emails that asking about information that already be written here.

  1. What do you need to provide me in order to process transfer Western Union / Money Gram?
    • First Name, Last Name, City, Country of Receiver.
  2. What will you receive in order to withdraw money at Western Union ?
    • Sender Information
    • MTCN Code
    • Secret Questions and Answers (in case, you receive money without showing ID)
  3. Do you have to show ID at Western Union ?
    • Yes – for most of countries.
    • No – if they do not require ID, you can use Secret Answer.
  4. Do you have to pick up money in person?
    • It is mandatory of Western Union Procedure.
  5. Is there any dangerous of getting caught? It is safe?
    • I must say. Nothing is safe in this world! However, I do my job as intelligent secured method that protects my clients as myself. So both of us can be safe and have long-term business together.
    • I only do 1 transaction per month to 1 receiver information to eliminate the suspect.
    • So far all of my customers is safe and continue ordering from me.
  6. What are the price and how much you receive?
    • Old price $250 for $2k is no longer available. New price list is listed below.
    • $350 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin or Perfect Money  – Receive MTCN of $3,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
    • $500 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin or Perfect Money  – Receive MTCN of $5,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
    • $800 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin or Perfect Money  – Receive MTCN of $10,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
  7. What payment methods I accept?
    • Bitcoin Only.
  8. How long you receive MTCN and Sender Information after making payment?
    • Since I receive payment, it normally takes around 120  mins to complete the transfer. Then all details will be sent to your email address
    • Since that moment, you are able to withdraw money at Western Union.
  9. How can i know my country is eligible to receive money at Western Union ?
    • Most of countries are able to receive money at Western Union. You can check if your country is listed on Western Union Website Here.

Thank you,



    • I really do not understand why some people ask John about his rate of success! You guys should do a research about him or anyone else before making a deal! If you dont think he is legit why you even bother to leave a comment here? You think someone gonna answer it for you? Pls! Everyone here looking for Western Union, at least has been scammed once or twice…And then they got a real deal with real hacker. Do u think they share it to everyone else?? This is illegal stuff. pls do research how to use Bitcoin, follow his step, take your cash and go home.
      I am just a buyer who got 2 transfer with John last 2 month. Pls stop asking or sharing those stuff!

  1. Hi John, got your link from a friend, will be transacting with you henceforth, expect details of my transactions in your mail. Cheers

  2. Anyone here receive money 2nd without splitting into small transfer? Like if I order $5000, should I come and pick up $5000 or divide into 2-3 smaller transfer. I do not have anyone to pick up for me. Last time I did pick up $3000 but i am afraid bigger amount like 5k. I pick up at Texas btw.

    • Me. my 5k transfer was split into 2 transfer. One for 3k and 2nd transfer for 2k. I think 5k is max, you should not try over that amount. let me know what you get…

  3. so i am new here as a guy on dark net referred me to Johnny.
    I deposit $350 via btc to my account. then email John right away to order the 3k wu order. I then waited roughly 50 mins to receive mtcn. i withdraw money next 3 hours and next day (as i got 2 mtcn 1k5). everything went as expected and process is clear. tips wu agent ask me what is relationship of sender. I said they are my client (details Johnny will say in the email with mtcn).
    Thanks Johnny!

  4. I have to say John is not a nice guy but when it comes to business, he is truly a man know his stuff. Followed with my bro, ordered an 3k wu transfer. And show my ID at Wu agent today. Went home with nearly $2,980 cash. Never know what to do with this money but probably invest again for dumps soon

  5. John is legendary. i got my money at Mgram at my visit to South Africa. returned back to my home and will try the other wu transfer

  6. Say ‘I’ if john is legit, I just saved up $500CAD which equals $350USD, that is a lot of money. I just want to make sure I’m talking to real people and not actual bots. Wish there where more comments on his dumps + pins as well. Since this new EMV tech here in Canada. I sometimes wish I was in the state or born earlier to have taken advantage of these flaws in the system

  7. just wanna leave reviews, i am new, so i choose Western Union and did receive my money as 1st time. the 2nd time was not as expected, i waited 5 hours then John cancel transfer and return money to my Bitcoin address which he said I can only do Western Union transfer for ONCE a month…so if now i wanna do Western Union transfer within 1 month, i have to use other people to show ID to pick up money…

  8. hello
    good day,
    actually i am new here my main purpose of being in this sites is that i want to know how to hack mtcn number without any 0bstacle

  9. I am looking forward to trying Johns service I just found his website today and like many of you here I have been scammed more times then I care to remember. I hope this is the real deal.

    • I’m new here too, order his Western Union friend but you will give up your own ID to get money. I had to use my driver license and took out 3k. Might try dumps atm next time for safety…

  10. As promised, wanna share my experince with cards dumps. i bought 5 cards, 4 works well with balance of around $800, last one i used just tun out 250$. u should withdraw from different towns in my opinion

  11. please somebody can explain to me how you picking up big amount monies like 10k ? fake id or real id? is there any problem if i pick up big money with my real id?????please please someone comment

  12. Hello,
    Do you provide multiple MTCN of lesser amounts for your higher MTCN amounts of $5000 and $10000?
    For example, if I purchased MTCN of $10000, would I received 4 MTCN of $2500 as opposed to just one MTCN for $10000? I would be very nervous receiving such a large payment at one time at Western Union.

  13. hello John, how are u recently? have not been ordered again for a while and comeback with great purchase for my Western Union and card soon

  14. after being ripped off twice, finally get the right hacker for my Western Union ! thank u so much for helping me out! i gonna try the card soon, may be next month

  15. first time buyer here! i waited nerly 1 hour to get the email abt the code and some info. use it at Western Union agent and got my cash! thanks a lot Mate!

  16. know about John when reading some reviews online then decided to contact him. really straight shooter, no time wasting. his Western Union just works! best guys for Western Union !

  17. not my type of giving out feedback but John is worth it. bought Western Union 3 times, and finished cards last week for 1st time. balance is around 600-$700. great services!

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